About iFaziDesk

iFaziDesk is a comprehensive help desk solution that can be deployed from small to large businesses. It provides a range of self-service and automated functions and enables to prioritize and focus on the most important issues. It can be customized to include powerful, integrated management tools to empower the help desk team to immediately diagnose and resolve issues from one console.

Awesome Features

100% Online Help Desk

Access everything from any web-enabled device including many smartphones. This fully web based help desk is supported on Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Apple® Safari® and other web browsers. Increase the efficiency of your operations by providing access to the web help desk anytime anywhere with an internet connection. Give your end users an easy yet intuitive experience with this iFaziDesk software so that they will realize the benefits!

Department Service Solution

Leverage your help desk ticketing system across multiple departments. IFaziDesk can be customized to fit the needs of many departments within in an organization like IT, Human Resources, Facilities, Maintenance and more. This will save your organization the time and money of purchasing a separate solution for each department. The built-in intelligence automatically routes tickets to the correct department and technician based on the technician's expertise.

Priority Mapping

Define request’s urgency and impact levels with an easy-to-use priority map. With best practices for incident management, priority mapping, users can rank their requests. This allows Help Desk Technicians to prioritize and respond quickly.

Internationalization and Localization

View everything in multiple languages including French, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and many other languages. Give your executives and end users the ability to read the tickets in their language. All aspects of the help desk can be viewed in these languages including ticket submission, repo iRTZ, ticket searches and more.

Email and SMS Integration

iFaziDesk features essential integration with email clients. Technicians receive notification when a ticket is submitted while end-users receive notifications of ticket updates, ticket changes or ticket completion. SMS is sent to the technicians and the customer on various stages of tickets.

Scheduled Reports

Report scheduling gives helpdesk administrators the flexibility to automatically send daily and monthly status reports. With the option to choose specific days and times, report scheduling ensures reports are delivered without the time-consuming task of manual distribution.

How it works

Service requests and queries, calls received by support centres, SMS alerts, and email notifications can all be integrated into one organized system. It also makes information very user friendly and easy to assess by employees through online (or) by mobile.

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